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Lights Out: The Ultimate List of Games to Help You Fall Asleep

by Angeline T. 23 May 2024

The Problem With Falling Asleep

     Falling asleep is one of the simplest things one can do for the body to recuperate and rest, yet it is one of the hardest things to accomplish regularly. Most adults need at least 7 hours of sleep for the body to repair itself. However, a number of people find it difficult to fall asleep and thus, their sleep quality decreases. If the sleep quality declines, you might wake up tired or grouchy. Thus, it might be time to think of strategies on how to fall asleep. Right now, there are many games to help you fall asleep. They are available online and offline, and even on various platforms.  

4 Stages of Sleep

     Sleep has four cycles - excluding the part when you are awake. These four cycles are N1, N2, N3, and REM. N1, N2, and N3 are also called NREM or None Rapid Eye Movement sleep. A sleeping person usually has the sleep cycle on repeat four to five times a night - spending most of the time in N2.

     N1 is the first stage in sleeping. It is also called Light Sleep. It is at this stage that you start to fall asleep. You only spend 5% of your time in this stage and move on to a deeper sleep

     N2 is the second stage of sleeping and is also known as Moderate Sleep. In stage two of NREM sleep, breathing, heart rate, muscular contractions, and eye movements all continue to slow down. You also feel a drop in body temperature during this phase. You sleep in stage 2 for roughly half of the night.

     N3 is also known as the Deep Sleep stage. For adults, it accounts for roughly 25% of total sleep time. If you do not get enough stage 3 sleep, you may wake up feeling exhausted and depleted even after a long sleep.

     REM Sleep or Rapid Eye Movement Sleep is where the majority of dreams occur. Muscle relaxation, rapid eye movement, erratic breathing, a raised heart rate, and heightened brain activity happen during REM sleep. On average, an adult needs two hours of REM sleep every night. Dreaming, brain development, emotional processing, and memory consolidation all depend on REM sleep.

     It is important for you to maintain a healthy sleep routine that can ensure the balance of the sleep cycles. However, one of the problems most people encounter is the trouble of falling asleep. Luckily, there are now a number of games to help you fall asleep. 

Facts About Games

Engaging in video games stimulates deeper brain regions that enhance cognitive development and critical thinking abilities.
 Individuals struggling with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can benefit from playing video games.

Games to Help You Fall Asleep

     Playing games before bedtime has had a reputation for disrupting sleep schedules and causing gamers and others to be sleep-deprived. However, some studies claim that playing games does not contribute to difficulty falling asleep. In fact, there are now games to help you fall asleep. From sleep tracking; to multimedia inclusions; and even just plain old repetitive motions, these games help even the restless to fall into a sleep routine. 

1. Pokemon Sleep 

     Pokemon Sleep is one of the variants of Pokemon games that focuses on Sleep Dex, a version of Pokedex that helps monitor the sleep patterns of Pokemon and its users. Sleeping, Snoozing, and Slumbering are the three categories into which Pokémon Sleep records, tracks, and arranges your sleep. All three of these sleep kinds are required since they are all crucial to good sleep.

     In the game, players assume the position of a researcher who teams up with a Snorlax, a species that is known for being drowsy, to look into how Pokémon sleep. Users can receive rarer Pokémon based on their sleep score, which ranges from 0 to 100 in the game. After then, the score is translated into sleep points.

      Pokemon Sleep is truly one of the games to help you fall asleep with its unique features that act as a sleep tracker. It even displays through a graphic the cycle of sleep undergone. Pokémon Sleep keeps track of your sleeping patterns and guides you in making decisions that will enhance restful sleep.

2. Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzle

     One of the games to help you fall asleep is Harmony. For those who like music and tapping games, but yearn to fall asleep, Harmony is the best option. With over 1000 levels, Harmony is a simple and calming puzzle game with music that does not have any timers or other stressful components. The game uses a combination of classical music and an IQ test to help you de-stress and overcome anxiety.

       Every level set is named after a well-known classical composer and the notes and tones of those levels are designed to emulate their style. The most enjoyable is undoubtedly the traditional piano, but other instruments will play the notes at each level. In addition, there is a "Shred Mode" where you can compete against the clock to complete as many levels as you can if calm gameplay is not your thing.

3. SpinTree - Tap Tap Tree

      SpinTree, a game developed by Storica Inc., is one of the games to help you fall asleep. It is a repetitive and relaxing game that allows its players to grow trees in various seasons.

      The potential of SpinTree to encourage meditation and environmental awareness is one of its key characteristics. Players can unwind and achieve inner peace by using the game's soothing experience. SpinTree is not only one of the games to help you fall asleep but also raises awareness of the value of trees in our ecosystem by motivating players to concentrate on planting trees.

Tips to Induce Sleep While Playing Games to Help You Fall Asleep

     To fully maximize the chances of the games to help you fall asleep, here are some tips:

     1. Lessen the Screen Brightness of your Device. A less stimulating phone screen can help relax the eyes and signal your brain to sleep. So even if the games to help you fall asleep are working, you can still assist your brain into sleep mode. 

     2. Lessen the Volume of your Games.  It is boring to play without sounds, especially for music games, but try to lessen the volume of the games to help you fall asleep. This will give you less auditory stimulation. 

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