Minocasa Affiliate Program

Minocasa Affiliate Program

Snoozing solo is like having a pizza all to yourself - good, but have you tried sharing it? That's us, but with beds! Join our affiliate program and let's dream in tandem. Are you the kind of person who wouldn't just count sheep but invite them over for a sleepover? If your bedroom is more 'sanctuary' than 'room', and spreading the gospel of cozy is your thing, we're your dream team. Let's make snoozing a team sport! #DreamTeamUnite

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when someone promotes a product for a company and gets paid a commission for every sale made through their recommendation. Think of it like telling a friend about a cool book; if they buy it because of your suggestion, the store gives you a small reward as a thank-you.


Who do we work with?

Minocasa is a brand for those who enjoy snoozing with comfort and :

Niche Focused Groups

• Hotel groups
• Video Creative Affiliates active on Social Media & Video Platforms
• Bedding & Mattress experts

Marketing Experts

• Google Ads Affiliates
• Home and Interior deisgn product KOL/Influencers
• Coupon Affiliates
• Indoor Niche Affiliates

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Program Benefits

•  Commissions starting at 10%

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•  30 days of cookie life 

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•  Exclusive discounts

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•  TM+ bidding with permissions

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Hit "Apply" below and fill in your details. Then wait up to 48 hours for our Affiliate Team to get in touch! 

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Log in and take a look at all the creatives made especially for you that you can use to promote us on any of your properties

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Monitor your metrics and improve while your earnings are paid out on regular basis.

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