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Buyers' Guide in Choosing a Mattress: A Comprehensive Guide

by Angeline T. 03 Jun 2024

Choosing a Mattress

     Choosing a mattress is an important task to consider. It is not just picking out something random because of the color or the design. There are a lot of things to consider. And these should be considered in choosing a mattress since your mattress is like a sign of commitment to your rest and sleep. 

     Rest and Sleep are vital components of health. It is important to ensure that one gets enough rest and sleep in order to be physically, mentally, and psychologically healthy. So it is important to consider choosing a mattress that will cater to your needs and match your lifestyle.

Sleep requirement by age

Sleep Lifestyle and Choosing a Mattress

     Sleep is an essential part of life. It helps our brain to function - the ability to learn new things, make important decisions and absorb new knowledge. Sleep is necessary for our body to heal and recover from a full day's activities. Thus choosing a mattress that would cater to our sleep lifestyle is important. 

    Sleep lifestyle varies from person to person. Our jobs may lead us to have varied sleep schedules and varied sleep times. However, it is important to note that there is a specific length of sleep required by our body in order to fully recover and it should be considered in choosing a mattress.

     Our lifestyle comprises three factors- diet, sleep, and exercise. The combination of healthy practices balances these three and enables us to function properly and live longer. Having a healthy lifestyle equates to better physical and mental health. Having all of these helps improve our sleep hygiene. Here are some tips on how to improve our sleep hygiene: avoid Caffeinated Drinks; avoid Late Snacking; avoid exercising before bedtime; and remember to consider choosing a mattress that is compatible to your sleep style. 

Sleep Style and Choosing a Mattress

     Sleep style plays a vital role in our rest and recuperation during sleep and is an important factor in choosing a mattress. The positions our bodies take when sleeping affect our health especially if we are ailing or experiencing pain. However, not all positions are suited for everyone. Those suffering from acid reflux, sleep apnea, and back pain, may find that different sleep positions tend to alleviate their ailments.

     Now, how does sleep style contribute to choosing a mattress? Incorrect sleep position can also result in heightened discomfort, or stiffness of the arms, shoulders, and back, which only culminates in poor-quality sleep. The best sleeping position is the one that best supports the healthy alignment of your spine from hips to head. What that looks like for you will depend on your comfort and individual health needs.

Sleeping Positions

Types of Mattresses

     When it comes to choosing a mattress, there are several factors to consider, such as the type of mattress and the size. The type of mattress you choose can greatly impact your overall comfort and sleep quality. Consider the following in choosing a mattress: 

Types of Mattresses

Inner Spring Mattress

     The inner spring mattresses are designed with a metal coil or spring that provides firm support and /or bouncy surface. Despite these drawbacks, choosing a mattress with innerspring are long lasting and relatively cheaper when compared to other mattress types, thereby making them favorites among consumers. 

Memory Foam Mattress

     Memory foam mattresses are also widely used, as it is impartial to the shape of the body and knows no age. These mattresses are often made from viscoelastic foam which molds itself to the body and also encourages the best amount of pressure reduction. Memory foam mattresses also have low motion isolation meaning that any movement that is made by one person is barely felt by the other person making them suitable for a couple of users. Choosing a mattress with memory foam brings a number of benefits. 

Latex Mattress

     Latex mattresses are also used by so many people who consider them more comfortable and supportive when sleeping. You get either natural or synthetic latex; this material provides great both bounce and responsiveness. Choosing a mattress made of latex is ensures the use of premium materials that are also long-lasting and also are good for people who sweat during the night.

Hybrid Mattress

     A Hybrid type of mattress combines the support of the Innerspring with the contouring of a Memory Foam or Latex. It is preferred by those who wish to have a mattress with a medium firmness ideal for supporting the body and contouring to the shape and pressure points. Choosing a mattress that is a hybrid type combines both the benefits of the other types of mattresses. 

Mattress Sizes

     One of the first considerations in choosing a mattress is what size you desire. Your comfort level and the way your bedroom looks overall can both be significantly impacted by the size of your mattress. There are various conventional mattress sizes available, each with pros and downsides of its own. The following are some of the most popular mattress sizes on the market right now:


¬† ¬† ¬†The twin mattress is commonly referred to as the single-size mattress ‚Äď and it is as small as it gets in terms of standard measurements. It comes in a dimension of 38 inches wide by 75 inches long and will be ideal for children or individuals who will be alone possibly single persons who do not have adequate space. Choosing a mattress that is twin size is affordable, it is ideal for putting it on daybeds, bunk beds, and guest rooms.¬†


     The Full mattress is also known as the Double mattress and this type of mattress measures 53 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It is wider than the twin mattress because it was designed for only one person, which makes it preferred by single individuals who need more space to sleep on. Choosing a mattress that is full-sized is best suited for couples who do not necessarily require much space but who require a bed large enough for them to sleep close to each other but not large enough for an entire house.


     The queen’s dimensions are a width of 60 inches and a length of 80 inches; it is the most sought-after bed size for two people. It is longer in width and in length than a full mattress and is therefore large enough to comfortably accommodate two people in sleeping arrangements. Choosing a mattress in queen size is also ideal for individuals who love throwing their bodies as far as they can reach while sleeping. 


     There are various types of standard sizes of the king mattress whereby the king mattress is the widest in size being 76 inches in width by a length of 80 inches. It is also for couples who desire privacy and an additional area for other activities when they are sleeping. Choosing a mattress in king size comes in handy for tall people since they often require as much length to relax their limbs.

California King 

     Regarding the dimensions of the California king mattress, it is 72 inches in width as well as 84 inches in length; thus, it is slightly narrower than the standard king mattress lengthwise though. It is also handy in that it offers more length than the standard size, ideal for couples who do not need a wide duvet but require more space. Choosing a mattress in California King Size is also ideal for people with heightened height issues who may require additional height to enable them have a comfortable sleep.

Mattress Sizes

Mattress Height

     Many considerations are involved in choosing a mattress, including size, firmness, and material. Nonetheless, one feature that is frequently disregarded is the mattress's height. The height of your mattress has a big impact on how comfortable you are overall and how well you sleep.

     There are generally three types of mattress heights that are considered in choosing a mattress: that is low profile, standard, and high profile. Recently, manufacturers have introduced low profile mattresses with a thickness of about 6 to 8 inches while standard mattresses are approximately 9 to 12 inches in thickness. Mattresses with high profiles are usually 13 inches and above.

     The height of a mattress is important when it comes to the bedding and comfort of your beds. First of all, the bed height might be an issue as it concerns the ease of movement to and from the bed. Low profile mattresses are less raised from the ground, which could be more manageable for people who have challenges concerning mobility when getting on a bed. On the other hand, high profile mattresses may require more effort to climb into bed.

     In addition, where the mattress is positioned in relation to the ground is also vital; the elevation of the mattress does play an important role in enhancing the look of the bedroom. When it comes to the kind of look, then one can fancy a low profile mattress to give the room a modern look; while a high profile mattress can be fancy to give the room a luxurious look.

In terms of comfort, mattress height can also play a role. A thicker mattress offers a greater level of support and well as a layer of padding which are important if one is suffering from certain diseases like back or joint pains. However, if you have a favorite type of mattress, then a thin one is suitable for you if you like hard surfaces.

     Additionally, mattress height can impact the temperature regulation of the bed. They also found that thicker mattresses would provide better insulation and would hold more heat and that finally, the mattress’s ability to trap and regulate heat as well as its firmness was an advantage in colder climates but a drawback in warmer areas. Thickness for mattresses with some degree of firmness can be reduced to enhance the flow of air and might help control the temperature experienced when asleep.

Mattres Firmness

     When it comes to choosing a mattress, one of the most important factors to consider is firmness. The level of firmness can greatly impact your comfort and the quality of your sleep. There are several different types of mattress firmness to choose from, each offering unique benefits and drawbacks.

     The level of firmness is most commonly indicated on a scale that ranges from 1 to 10 with the 1 standing for a soft mattress and the 10 symbolizing a firm one. The available variations of firmness, in general, are Soft, Medium, Medium-Firm, and Firm.

     While there are specifically designed mattresses for every type of sleeper, perhaps the most popular ones are soft mattresses for side sleepers and those who love a good soft surface without sinking in too deep. Choosing a mattress with soft firmness have a softer feel and contour well to the body and therefore effectively support common pressure points such as shoulders as well as hips. However, they do not provide adequate support for the stomach or back sleeping position, or any other sleeping position for that matter.

     Medium mattresses provide the right amount of firmness with enough firmness to be appropriate for various kinds of users. The guarantee of enough pressure relief helps them to successfully cushion without straining the spine alignment of any human body.

     Any medium firm mattress is preferable for back sleepers or for those individuals who need more stiffness for their mattress. They are slightly denser than medium ones and are therefore preferred by individuals who require additional back support and hip padding.

¬† ¬† ¬†Firm mattresses are the ones that provide the most support and the least amount of ‚Äė squeezability .‚Äô These mattresses are ideal for back or stomach sleepers who want to ensure their spine gets properly aligned during the night.

     There are several factors that must be considered so as to decide on the level of firmness to opt for when choosing a mattress such as sleeping position, and weight among others. Therefore, the optimal firmness levels in the mattress for a particular individual will depend on the specific preferences of that person. If you are aware of the various options of firmness in mattresses, you will be able to decide well in choosing a mattress and gain productivity from each night that you are tired.

In conclusion

     Choosing a mattress is an important task, as it affects your comfort and sleep quality. Sleep position plays a role in selecting the right mattress, as improper positioning can lead to discomfort and poor sleep. Factors such as mattress type, size, and height also impact comfort and temperature regulation. The level of firmness should be based on individual preferences and factors such as sleeping position and weight. Being aware of different firmness options allows for choosing a mattress and maximizing productivity from sleep.

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