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The Nimbus | Our Zero Gravity Memory Foam Orthopaedic Neck Pillow

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Our Zero Gravity Pillow is made from innovative foam for superior support and breathability. Its unique shape provides comprehensive support for back and side sleepers, helping to align the neck and spine and reduce neck pain. With a plush, machine-washable cover, it offers the perfect balance of comfort and convenience for a refreshing sleep experience.

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  • Our Orthopaedic pillow is crafted from a revolutionary single piece of Zero Gravity foam, designed to deliver superior support. This innovative material provides up to 40% more support than standard memory foam, cradling your head and neck with the perfect balance of comfort and firmness.

  • The unique composition of our Zero Gravity foam allows for exceptional breathability. This feature ensures efficient air circulation throughout the pillow, reducing heat buildup and maintaining a cool, comfortable sleeping temperature all night long.

  • Embrace the softness with our pillow's 100% polyester cover. This high-quality material is chosen for its gentle touch, enhancing the overall comfort of your sleep experience. The cover's plush texture is perfect for a cosy, soothing night's rest.

  • Designed for convenience, the pillow's cover is both removable and machine washable. This easy-care feature allows you to maintain a clean and hygienic sleep environment effortlessly, ensuring your pillow stays fresh and inviting night after night.

  • The unique semi-half donut shape of our pillow provides comprehensive 180-degree support, making it an ideal choice for various sleeping styles. This innovative design supports both back and side sleepers, ensuring proper alignment and support regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

  • Our pillow is thoughtfully engineered to offer orthopaedic benefits. The supportive nature of the Zero Gravity foam, combined with the pillow's ergonomic design, helps align your neck and spine correctly. This alignment reduces stress on your cervical spine, offering relief from neck pain and enhancing the quality of your sleep.
Cover Material Used 100% Ultra Flex Polyester
Size Options One Size
Content Single Piece Zero Gravity Foam (Baby Foam)(
Special Features Orthopedic & Pressure Point Relief
Packaging Size & Weight One Size 54" x 74", 3.6 lbs.
Washing Instructions Remove pillow cover from pillow content, gentle cycle on low temperatures


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