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How a Cooling Bed Sheet Can Transform Your Bedroom

by Angeline T. 17 Apr 2024

     The bedroom is one of the most unique rooms in our house. It is a reflection of the owner of the bedroom. It shows their habits, personalities, and likes and dislikes. We decorate our bedroom as a safe space to return to after a long hard day’s grind whether in work or school.

     We spend almost seven years of our lives trying to fall asleep. And if we spend that much time trying to sleep, we waste a lot of years in our lives. Our bedroom should be conducive and for that to happen we should have the right essentials in our bedroom such as the right pillows, blankets, mattresses, beds, and even a cooling bed sheet to make your room cool and comfy.

     The right cooling bed sheet can make a huge difference in our sleeping hygiene,  from lessening our time to fall asleep to keeping us asleep and making us feel refreshed when we wake up in the morning.

     Here is a list that shows cooling bed sheet options:

Cooling Bed Sheet Types

1. Cotton Sheets

     Cotton is one of the most common materials used in fabrics because of its breathability. It is one of the most natural fabrics from the cotton plant's seed. It is a breathable and absorbent fabric that is used for clothes that are suited for warm weather. Cotton is commonly used for bedsheets, blankets, and duvets. As a cooling bed sheet, cotton sheets allow ample airflow that helps you regulate your body temperature. This prevents your body from sweating and waking up too much due to the heat.

2. Bamboo Sheets

     Bamboo sheets are materials coming from bamboo plants. It is an eco-friendly material that is commonly used in bedding. They are softer compared to cotton sheets and are more hypoallergenic and mite-resistant. They act as a cooling bed sheet since they are more breathable and have wicking properties. Wicking refers to the ability of a fabric to remove moisture from the skin due to its built-in capillaries.

3. Tencel Sheets

     Tencel is a fabric made from the cellulose of Eucalyptus trees. Its texture is close to silk and has cooling properties. The Tencel fabric is generally absorbent so it absorbs heat from the body which is ideal for those who have night sweats. As a cooling bed sheet, it ensures to keep you cool through its breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

Tencel sheet

Getting to Know Gel-Infused Memory Foam

     A great cooling bed sheet is usually paired with a foam that ensures breathability and temperature control. A gel-infused memory foam is a type of memory foam that includes a gel layer near its top layer. The added layer of gel in the memory foam helps absorb the heat and keeps you cool as you fall into a deeper slumber. Apart from its cooling effects, it also helps in motion isolation, body contouring, and spinal alignment. Check this link for other benefits of memory foam. 

Benefits of a Cooling Bed Sheet

     A cooling bed sheet offers more than just a cool night of rest. It helps our body recuperate from all the stress brought about by a rough day. A cooling bed sheet offers better sleep quality. The colder the environment, the cozier it is, thus helping the body to fall asleep faster.

      A cooling bed sheet also assists in regulating your body temperature. Especially during hot summer days and nights, a cooling bed sheet can help dissipate the heat, preventing you from sweating, and helping you stay at a temperature that is comfortable for your sleeping needs.

     And lastly, a cooling bed sheet can help in weight loss. Since it has been established that a cooling bed sheet can help achieve better sleep quality, it would follow that the person’s metabolism rate would increase as well. There have been studies that prove that sleep deprivation can cause metabolic problems that often lead to diseases like diabetes and stress So make it a choice to choose a cooling bed sheet that will suite your needs.

Aesthetic Cool Bed Sheets for your Room

     Apart from the physical comfort that a cooling bed sheet may bring, it is also important to consider the visual comfort a particular bedroom essential can bring. 

The Clean and Tidy

     The most basic aesthetic that most people would usually get for their bedrooms is clean and tidy white bedding. White is an achromatic color, which means it is a color that is considered neutral. White is usually used by people who want a minimalistic aesthetic in their bedroom. A white bedroom would have a white mattress with a comfortable white mattress topper and a white cooling bed sheet. White pillows will be scattered on the bed and a white fluffy comforter to match. White aesthetics exudes purity, innocence, and cleanliness. 

White pillow aesthetic

The Bright and Sunny

     If you are the type of person with a bubbly and fun personality, then the bright and sunny aesthetic could work for you. This aesthetic utilizes the colors orange, yellow, and even turmeric. These colors bring happiness and a warm sunny glow to a bedroom. Pillows with Floral prints and frills can give an airy feel that brings with it a summer freshness. Having a cooling bed sheet and a comforter that provides year-round comfort can also be included to bring a delightful sleep experience regardless of season.

bed for all seasons

The Beige and Neutral

    The beige and neutral palette combination is an aesthetic that never gets old. It is a combination of brown, beige, white, and gray that draws out a calm and elegant vibe in the bedroom. The natural texture of beige paired with a cooling bed sheet promotes a cozy and natural touch to the room. A fleece blanket can also add a rustic and bohemian appeal. With the proper lighting, beige and neutral tones showcase a warm and inviting vibe to your bedroom.

Beige and neutral bedroom aesthetic

In Conclusion

     In conclusion, a cooling bed sheet aesthetic not only brings a refreshing and visually appealing touch to your bedroom but also offers numerous benefits for a comfortable and restful sleep. You may create a calm atmosphere that encourages relaxation and helps you maintain a healthy body temperature during the night by selecting breathable, lightweight materials such as a cooling bed sheet and using calming colors. Embrace an aesthetic for a rejuvenating sleep experience and a more inviting bedroom ambiance.

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