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The Mino Zero: Recognized as the Best Soft Mattress by Sleepiverse

by Angeline T. 01 May 2024

Mino Zero: Best Soft Mattress of 2024

The Mino Zero by Minocasa

     The Mino Zero has been recognized as the Best Soft Mattress of 2024 by Sleepiverse. 

     Sleepiverse has released its annual evaluation of the best mattresses for 2024. The Minocasa Zero Mattress or the Mino Zero has been named the Best Soft Mattress compared to other brands. It was recognized for its Eco-Friendly Materials, Advanced Support System, and Innovative Comfort Technology.

     The Mino Zero stood out from the rest of the competition due to its eco-friendly and comfortable technology design. It combines support foam, high-density foam, cooling gel-infused memory foam, a zero-gravity foam layer, and topped with a 400 GSM Tencel Top Layer completing the formula for a softer mattress for a peaceful slumber.

     The Mino Zero mattress employs the 7-zone ergonomic support layer that prioritizes spinal alignment and supports the body’s pressure points like the knees, hips, and back. It also makes use of organic adhesives that ensure a clean and sustainable production that is safe for the environment and the person sleeping.

     The Mino Zero Mattress and other sleep essentials by Minocasa have been certified by Certipur-US and Oeko Tex. It is certified to be formaldehyde-free and has no harmful chemicals or toxic heavy metals.

    With this, Minocasa's The Mino-Zero became the Best Soft Mattress of 2024.

CertiPUR-US and OEKO TEX Certified

Minocasa Certification

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